Eliminate failures and take full control of Oxygen Therapy

Increase quality and safety for patients, reduce waste, and avoid rework in billing with ATAS O2

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Enhanced Clinical Monitoring

With the digital flowmeter integrated into the ATAS O2 System, the hospital team has real-time access to the monitoring of medical oxygen. The Solution works to ensure treatment quality by assisting professionals in preventing patients from using medical O2 without a prescription or beyond their prescribed limits.


Act with intelligence and improve resource communication and management

The System enables all parties involved in patient treatment, including clinical engineering, maintenance, assistance, auditing, and billing teams, to have a real-time, updated, and consolidated view of all beds simultaneously, while respecting the hospital's privacy policy and LGPD premises.

Oxygen Therapy must be administered in the right measure!

Improper use of oxygen delivery interfaces puts patient health at risk and leads to additional costs, such as increased hospitalization time, increased use of medications, the need for intensive therapy or mechanical ventilation, among others.

In newborns, the risk is even higher and can cause lung injury, retinopathy of prematurity, brain damage, and other complications.

5 tips for safe and efficient oxygen therapy

Download our free e-book now and understand how you can help build safe and quality oxygen therapy for your patients!


Impacts generated by ATAS O2

4OO% more hours

are recorded when using ATAS O2

3O% less waste

reducing Oconsumption

83% of patients

reduced time with incorrect flow

Elimination of rework

and better allocation of team time

 Monitor the entire patient journey in oxygen therapy 

Avoid waste, eliminate denials, and team rework 

The solution functions like a robot, connecting the hospital's oxygen points. It monitors in real-time and records all information in the system, and through integration, can input directly into the patient's electronic record or medical bill.


Get detailed, real-time reports to personalize your patient's oxygen therapy

Don't waste time with manual checks and periodic analysis. Monitor the entire oxygen flow provided to your patient, compare it with saturation, and create a unique database that allows you to personalize oxygen therapy for your patients and improve hospital outcome indicators.


Invest in the future of care and transform oxygen therapy results and management

The investment in ATAS O2 quickly pays off!

Be the professional who will revolutionize oxygen therapy in your institution. Direct savings and benefits, such as improving hospital reputation and patient satisfaction, ensure that ATAS O2 is a smart and economical choice for your hospital.

Speak with our team and understand how institutions are achieving over 400% efficiency improvement.


Learn about the Equipment


Quick Installation with Support from Start to Finish

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Place ATAS O2 in the desired location, follow the instructions, and you're ready to go!


ATAS O2 tracks oxygen levels and provides regular updates.


Be notified immediately of any abnormalities or changes in oxygen levels.


Monitor the stability of your oxygen network

ATAS O2 can identify and quantify variations in pressure in the line. Monitor the behavior of the oxygen network, identify stability levels, know when pressure increases or decreases, and more, allowing for preventive action.


ATAS O2 Advantages

Quick and Easy Installation

With an intuitive design and step-by-step guides, ATAS O2 can be installed in less than 1 minute in the hospital bed.


Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, ATAS O2 provides precise and consistent results, adapting to the hospital tubing pressure.

Continuous Patient Monitoring

Stay informed with every flow change, with real-time alerts.

Return on Investment in up to 3 months

Immediate returns for patients and your institution.

 Get to Know the System 

Simple, Direct, and Intuitive

Designed to be user-friendly, the ATAS O2 control panel is simple and straightforward with an intuitive interface, allowing even less tech-savvy users to navigate and understand the data easily. You can quickly view the status of all hospitals, each department, or a specific bed.

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Flexible API

Easily integrate ATAS O2 with other monitoring systems or applications. The system is designed to seamlessly integrate with other hospital systems, allowing for continuous data flow and a comprehensive view of patient health.

We already have integrations with: MV SistemasSAP, and we are finalizing development with Philips TASY.


Transforming the oxygen therapy journey with the support of dozens of institutions and hundreds of professionals!

Responding to the BNDES IoT Pilot Program call, EMBRAPII, SEBRE, CESAR, WND, and NUTES joined forces around one goal: positively impacting healthcare systems with the development of national technology.

We are proud to announce the results, a victory for Brazil.


What our customers say!

Working with the Salvus team is an enriching experience! The commitment and passion for innovation, with a mission to improve people's lives, are certainly the hallmark of this team! Professionalism, knowledge, competence, and ethics are the ingredients that make us feel comfortable as clients... it's having the certainty that every challenge presented will be embraced, duties fulfilled, and expectations exceeded.


Nurse | Grupo Cene

We are delighted with the work that Salvus is developing for the company in innovation projects. The startup team surprises us every day with the attitude they take when faced with problems that arise in the project journey, they face challenges with empathy, partnership, commitment, proactivity, creativity, responsibility and focus.


Project Manager | Grupo Cene

Salvus really seems to have the right formula to unite technology and health as a way to improve people's lives. During the time they spent at FOZ - Innovation Center, they impressed me with their technical and management skills, but above all their human and innovative outlook.


Head Management | FOZ Innovation Center


Benefits of ATAS O2 for Hospitals' ESG

The implementation of ATAS O2 not only revolutionizes oxygen monitoring in hospital settings but also promotes sustainable, socially responsible, and transparent governance practices aligned with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles. Here are the fundamental benefits that ATAS O2 brings to hospitals' ESG:

Environmental: Efficient Oxygen Consumption

With precise monitoring, waste is avoided, ensuring more sustainable use of this essential resource. Less waste results in lower energy consumption and consequently, reduced environmental impact, reducing the hospital's carbon emissions.

Social: Improved Patient Care

Quality of Care: Ensuring precise and reliable oxygen supply to patients improves the quality of medical care and helps prevent treatment interruptions.

Patient Safety: Precise control of oxygen therapy reduces the risks of overoxygenation or underoxygenation, protecting patients' health.

Accessibility: Efficient solutions can make oxygen therapy more accessible to a larger number of people, regardless of their geographical location.

Governance: Data-Driven Decisions

ATAS O2 provides clear and reliable data that can be used for informed decision-making at all hospital levels. This ensures transparent and responsible practices, essential for good governance.

Long-Term Cost Savings

By minimizing waste and optimizing processes, ATAS O2 can lead to significant savings over time, allowing hospitals to invest more in areas such as research, education, and patient care.


Discover our solutions!

  • ATAS Home Care

  • ATAS Concentrator


Learn about the advantages of using ATAS O2 in your home care!

Approximately 64% of cylinder refill visits can be avoided with the adoption of ATAS O2, reducing CO2 emissions, lowering costs, and increasing patient safety.


Monitor the oxygen concentrator remotely and in real-time!

Monitoring occurs independently and automatically, and all data is available through the web platform. Find out when the device was used, how intensively, for how long, and its location easily and conveniently.



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