Oxygen monitoring and homecare management system


Integrated management of the entire operational and assistance journey of home health care

From referral to discharge of patients, eliminate waste, risks and increase efficiency and quality of care.


Atas O2

Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to monitor the location, stock and consumption of medical oxygen.


HAI - Healthcare Assistive Intelligence

Intelligent management of the entire day and protocols for care and home care.

Um computador com a tela do Salvus Homecare ao lado com um celular com o aplicativo A Salvus aberto na tela.

About Salvus

Salvus was born with the purpose of transforming the health sector and positively impacting people. We dream and work for a more efficient and quality healthcare system for everyone. To make this dream come true, we developed intelligent systems and an Internet of Medical Things platform with the capacity to connect and transform the journey, processes, optimize protocols and data management of assistance, improving the management of health care institutions and the quality of life of the patient.

About Salvus

Salvus is made for you

To maximize the value and efficiency generated by the solutions, we focus on connecting and bringing benefits to all actors in the health ecosystem.



With the advent of health 4.0 and its consequent revolution in the medical field, to use technology is to adapt to the current scenario. We offer resources that contribute to a more effective and personalized management of medical processes in health institutions. Salvus solutions deliver more agile and accurate processes, while also promoting cost savings and patient monitoring.


Home Health Care

Knowing the challenges for a centralized management of the work from home health care companies, we develop technologies for optimization and real-time monitoring of the entire operation in an automated way.


Patients, Family and Society

We develop technologies that make the patient's experience more human being, making it easier for professionals to find the necessary data in the palm of their hands. It allows an approximation in the relationship among these three figures for active attention and listening.


Health Professionals

To transform the journey of health professionals, we develop Web / Mobile solutions that make day-to-day activities lighter, more agile and safer. We avoid rework, in addition to quick access to information that helps in humanized care and a more complete analysis of the patient.


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"Working with Team SALVUS is an enriching experience! The commitment and passion to innovate, with the mission of improving people's lives, is certainly a trademark of this team! Professionalism, knowledge, competence and ethics are ingredients to make us comfortable as customers... It is to be sure that every challenge launched will be embraced, the duty fulfilled and the expectation exceeded."

Eloísa Jabur - Nurse


Since 2016, we have trod a path of conquests and impacted lives through the work of people passionate about building a better future.

Achievement Stamp


1st Place at Startup Makers

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1st Place in the 100 Open Startup ranking in the Health Tech category

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Finalist of the Empreenda Saúde Award

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1st approved at BNDES Piloto IoT

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One of the 50 startups that are changing Brazil according to the Revista Exame's list


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Qualification and Promotion Programs


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22 de outubro de 2021

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15 de outubro de 2021

Mercado de saúde feminino em foco e networking e conhecimento na 6ª edição da Startup Health que acontecerá na HospitalMed

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08 de outubro de 2021

Amazon domina o mercado de saúde com conectividade e 53% dos custos assistenciais são consumidos por desperdício nos hospitais brasileiros

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